Three Exercises to Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Three Exercises to Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is Joe Tatta, Physical Therapist., helping you move towards better health. In today’s video, I’ll be talking about three (3) exercises you can do to Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Carpal Tunnel is a small tunnel that runs trough the wrist of your hand. There are nine (9) tendons there as well as one (1) crucial nerve which is called the Median nerve. Now through constant repletion or repetitive use, especially with your fingers or typing or using a computer too much, those tendons became swollen and inflamed and they can pinch the Median nerve. With Median nerve symptoms, you typically have numbness and tingling as well as weakness through your thumb area and in the palm of your hand.

So I’m going to show three (3) tendon gliding exercises. These exercises are meant to move the tendon throughout your fingers and your palm as well as get the fluids circulated in there so you will have less edema or less inflammation.

I’ll show you the “Hook Fist”, the “Flat Fist” and the “Full Fist”. Do five (5) repetitions, three (3) times per day.